Round Trip Service

(Airport to Hotel & Return from Hotel to Airport)
Arriving Airport Shuttle passengers are grouped into our 24 passenger buses and transported to 3 to 5 neighboring hotels. The Airport Shuttle service is low cost transportation.
  • Low cost transportation from McCarran International Airport to Las Vegas Hotels.
  • Passengers are shuttled in groups of up to 24 passengers.
  • Each shuttle will stop at 3 to 5 hotels
  • Travel time may take between 30 to 50 mins.
  • Conveniently located at Terminal 1 outside door 8 and Terminal 3 outside door 51
  • Must schedule return transportation to McCarran the day prior with a minimum pickup time of 2.5 hours prior to flight departure.

Airport Shuttle is low cost transportation from and to McCarran International Airport and the resort corridor hotels of Las Vegas Blvd and the Downtown area.  Passengers are grouped together and transported in shuttle buses.  Direct transportation to your hotel or airport is NOT guaranteed.  This is a Share-A-Ride service and you will be sharing the vehicle with up to twenty-four other travelers and may stop between 3 to 5 hotels before reaching your destination.   Travel time may take between 30 to 45 minutes on average to your hotel.

On arrival at McCarran Airport you will need to collect your luggage and check-in with one of our booths located outside the baggage claim.  At Terminal 1 we are located outside door 8 and at Terminal 3 we are located outside door 51.

Upon check-in at our booth you will be given a boarding pass for each transport from/to McCarran Airport.  You will be grouped with other passengers on the curb to be loaded and transported to a Zone/Grouping of hotels.  You must provide a boarding pass to the driver before departure so the driver is aware you have pre-paid service.  The bus may not leave immediately as more passengers may need to be loaded.

The day prior (24 hours) to your departure you will need to call and confirm your seat on the shuttle bus to return to the airport. Instructions and phone number are listed on every boarding pass. Boarding pass must be provided to the driver at the pick-up so the driver is aware you have pre-paid service.  Shuttle bus pick-ups must be scheduled a minimum of two and one-half (2.5) hours prior to your flight departure time to allow plenty of time for transport.

Unlike the airport on arrival, the bus may be stopping to collect and load other travelers from other hotels prior to your stop and before driving to McCarran Airport.  This may take the driver additional time.  Shuttle passengers must be outside their hotel at the designated hotel pickup area 10 minutes prior to their scheduled pick-up time, and be patient up to 20 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time to allow for pick-ups prior to their hotel.  Buses are not staged at every hotel and are not on a set route providing direct transportation to the airport.  Travel time may take between 30-50 minutes on average to McCarran Airport.

Bell Trans does not accept any liability for passengers not making their departure flight with shuttle service.  In the event a passenger is not picked up within one and one-half (1.5) hours before their flight departure time it is recommended they seek other means of transportation to make their flight.  Bell Trans will reimburse any unused boarding passes for service not provided.

Package includes Airport to Hotel and return transportation from Hotel to Airport